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Build Dates & Vin Numbers for GT350

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Just was wondering if any of y'all have received your vin numbers or build dates yet for yall's gt350's. I placed my order back in May and have not received any of it. But speaking to other people on other forums, a few are having the same issue as me and others have gotten their vins. I went and placed my order with a SVT Ford Dealership. Just hoping I'm not the only one wondering.

Thanks y'all
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I purchased a 2015 shelby cobra GT350 Mustang deep impact blue with black stripes technology package Vin number 0088 portland oregon Donny Hulstrom have window sticker and eta of November 1
Hi there i just got my vin # and i thought there was a guy that worked at the plant. when i bought my boss he helped me with the build date once i got my vin and order number. well im sorry but i for got his name and was wondering if he could do it again thanks Bob vin #1fa6p8jz8g5521567 and order# 5898
Looking at your VIN, it would appear that this is a street car, correct?

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