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Bought a GT350, then a Camry

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To keep the mileage low, I needed a daily driver.

Originally, I planned to drive the GT350 2 days a week and the 4Runner off-roader 3 days a week. Did the math and determined that a fuel efficient pre-owned daily driver can pay for itself in 3 years when compared to the mixed MPG of my 4Runner and Shelby AND annual tire costs for both of those vehicles. Plus, I was able to put the Shelby on collector car insurance (and isolate it from my driving age sons).

Was surprised to learn that a Toyota Camry just off of a lease sells for in half the price of its original MSRP.

Why the 4Runner gets 11 mpg: it's a V8 for starters, then add on bumpers, winch, roof rack, and 33" off-road tires and it quickly becomes a gas hog.

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Hmm... You are worrying about the gas consumption with a Shelby?
I keep my 2001 Bullitt for rainy days. Still, I've got 13,000 miles on GT350 in 21 months. Daily driver, but I'm retired.

I've got an old pickup truck, too. No reason for a man not to have several vehicles.
Jedi what is collector car insurance? Is there a difference from regular insurance?
Jedi what is collector car insurance? Is there a difference from regular insurance?
I have Hagerty Collector Car for my GT350. An agreed value policy. Happy with the price and mine is not a daily so it was a bit cheaper that way.
I was able to get my '14 GT500 on a collector's policy. It cost about $750/yr. I think my new GT350 added about $800 to my current policy, so it wasn't worth it to go the collector route. I think you have to tell them it will mostly be a garage queen and you are the only driver. You can check it out. Ask your current agent for info.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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