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Blank SYNC 3 screen after startup.

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Now that I've seen this happen a handful of times in my car I guess it's time to report it and have it addressed. I was wondering if anyone else has has his issue?
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Happened once to me, but it cleared itself. by saying "cleared itself" i actually done nothing im aware of to right itself ,,,,and so far so good. But it most definitely did go blank for about an hour or so.
Go to your dealer and have them update you ACM, it only shows that for the EcoBoost versions of the Mustang and F150, but it works on the Shelby. Should be covered if your under your 3/36 warranty. Mine would do it if I left my phone attached to the USB and started the car. After I looked around on FMCdealer, I figured I would try the SSM about the update. I have not had a single problem since, with the radio anyway.
I had this happen last week for the first time in 13 months, to me it looks like it may be associated with automatic Sync updates. I dove the car and all I had was the backup camera screen, turned the car off for a minute ,then back on and I had a blank blue screen. Turned the car off again for a minute and everything came on back to normal.
If your system is set to automatic updates and this is happening frequently, try turning that feature off for a while and see if it happens again.
Ford in the sync 3 system has a reboot in et ups ..... takes everything back to stock trim so it will wipe out your phone , pre set buttons etc ..... but this might help as well

before taking it to the dealer

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