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black on black 2017 gt350 brand new - 7 miles

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hello guys i just bought a 2017 gt350 -black on black - love the car -i am new to ford forum - i have a ferrari testarossa and 76 930 porsche - and know my gt350 - i posted a pictures of a problem i had with the door stills - not painted correctly - it looks like primer and root beer color - wanted to see if anyone has this problem please and what you guys think about this please - it's inside the doors - under the trunk and hood - showing white primer - please look at your gt 350 to see if you see anything please - i am looking to see if anyone has found this and what they have done please about this - ford wants me to bring it to bellflower collision to have it painted -in the areas showing primer - please what do you guys think please about this - i bought the car in calif @ norm reeves - again i love the car - outside paint is a 10 - but paying that type of money - i feel you should have it paint the color of the car please - would love to hear from you guys - thank you jim
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I had a run down the edge of my passenger door near the bottom so there was an area that was not painted and cleared over. My dealer took prompt care of and me make an appointment with the body shop of my choice to get it fixed. they even came to my house to take photos of it for Ford because there was snow on the ground and I was not going to bring the car out. If the dealer is giving grief about it call the regional rep, I am sure if this is from the factory, and it sounds like it is, Ford will take care of it for you.
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