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Black GT350 with gray stripes?

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I'm seeing a lot of black GT350s with blue or white stripes, but none with Magnetic Gray stripes. Is it possible to get Magnetic Gray stripes edged in red on the black paint?
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Hey 4Nines,
Aftermarket probably only option. Order sheet for GT 350 shows the following stripe combos and codes: 1) Black w white accent stripes (851), 2) White w black accent stripes (852) , and 3) Blue w black accent stripes (853). For the GT350R 1) Black w red accent stripe (856), 2) White w red accent stripe (854), and 3) Blue w red accent stripes (855). Good Luck
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Bummer! Thanks for digging up that info.
I have ordered a black with blue stripe car and cannot find any pics anywhere other than the Ford build site. Do you know where I can view some pics of that combo? Thanks.
No gray stripes available on any Shelby from the factory. I've seen some of the Black R models with the black stripes that "look" like gray stripes because of light glare in some pictures.
Both the R and the non R in Black with most stripe combo images available here:
BLACK GT350/R Thread - 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, GT350, GT500, Mach 1, Ecoboost) -
Aaahhh I was thinking those were gray stripes, but it looks like they are matte black. That's the look I'm going for! Thanks for clearing this up.
The matte black stripes are only available on the Shadow Black R model. They come with the red pinstripe accent as do all the R model with the optional stripes. The Race Red R model is NOT available with any OTT stripe option. No matte black stripes available on non R cars. Non R's come with either white or black accent pin stripes (on the Over the Top stripe optioned cars) depending on the color combo ordered.
And just when I thought I was home free, damn! The matte black with the red pinstripe is the best combo IMO.
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