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Back-up Camera not turning on intermittently

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Has anyone had any issues with the backup camera. Lately, (last 2 months) the camera does not turn on when i put it in reverse. Occationally it will work normally, but then the next few times i drive it wont come on. I am about due for an oil change so will have it checked out then.
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So I know this won't really help, but hopefully it makes you feel a little less alone on this issue. I had a 16 Mustang GT with a PP before I traded it in for my GT350. I tracked both of these cars and one thing I did notice is that when I was tracking the GT, after some of my sessions, I would be backing up into the pits using the rear view camera to figure out when i need to stop and park. But, I had a few sessions where I came back and the camera simply did not work. I even put a small ding in my rear bumper because I backed up too much. The only thing I can think of that caused this was heat. I don't know why, but for some reason, temperature seemed to be affecting the camera. If I had a slow session and some cloud cover or I let the car sit for a while, then it seemed to be fine. I have not had this issue with the GT350, which uses a lot of the same components as a standard GT. I would not be surprised if the camera technology is also the same.

My 2's probably something with the camera, I would have Ford look at it. Let's remember, electronics are still machines. They can still fail due to environmental issues, and they are mass produced, which implies a failure rate. You may just be unlucky like I was with my standard GT.
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Maybe it is related to the heat. I know if the iPhone gets too hot that it will shut itself off while it "cools" off. However, my car sits outside at work for 8 hours in the heat and it has always worked for me and I backup to park. I still suggest to look into it further.
I know of the concern that you speak of. It actually happens on alot of mustangs from 2015 to 2017. I have a few questions before i can assist you further.
1. How Often does this concern happen?
2. Can you duplicate the concern on demand, or is it more of an intermittent problem that randomly happens?
3. Have you brought it to a dealer to look at yet or done anything for repairs?
update on the camera.

Repairs made. Dealer replaced the camera. Still same problem. Checked connections at the camera and found a bad wire contact, fixed and also added some protective wire loom around the wires in the trunk. Still same problem.

Took car home to do some diagnostics on my own.

Took back to dealer and gave them my report so they could repeat. Dealer (in contact with Ford Engineering) reprogramed. Still same problem. Ford suggested to Change Body Control Module. Fixed the Camera but now have an interior light that flashes. Working with Ford Engineers to diagnose that. hopefully with have my baby back soon.
There is a service message released from ford about this issue. Thats why i asked the questions prior to confirm your concern. I absolutely disagree with a Body Control Module and will be problematic if the technician does not follow the proper steps for configuration. If your interior lights are flashing, there is a programming issue.
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Update #2.

Repair Tech in communication with Ford engineering, cannot resolve the interior flashing lights issue along with other "bugs" that have popped up. Ford is now flying out an engineer to work on it. Hope to get it fixed next week. May need to find a different dealer to work on warranty issues in the future on this car. This dealership had done fine with both my trucks, and my 07 Mustang (sold), they just may be missing the skill set to do this correct.
Replacement of a (BODY CONTROL MODULE) BCM with lack of skill, Is close to a technicians worse nightmare. I have done properly 3 since they 1st came out on cars. They are not pleasant with 1 step missing in directions. They technically do not fly out engineers and have local ones for each region, granted it is Arizona so much bigger than CT here. There will be quite a few bugs from a bad program on a BCM and i hope they can resolve it properly. Be aware you will need to provide the dealer with a 2nd KEY for that module. Would you like to provide me the VIN of your vehicle so i can check some things. If not no big deal, best wishes.
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Sent you a private message with the VIN
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No information has been posted yet, since i assume your vehicle is still being worked on. After final repairs it will take about 1 week or less to check the repairs.
Thanks for all offered help. I’ll post when I get new info
Latest update.

Ford didn't fly out an Engineer. Had Dealer order a new BCM, install and wait for FMC Engineer/Tech to call back and step through BCM programming. That didnt happen on Friday. My Service writer asked me to register complaint to FMC so the issue could be escalated. Based on my current communications, it appears to be a bit of Phone Tag/Finger pointing as to whom is supposed to contact whom and at what time. Hope to hear some good news later today from dealership as to where programming of BCM is.
Yep, welcome to the lack of communication department. Once again i disagree with the BCM at this time. Even though you are stuck on that phase. Hope they fix it soon. Going to be a bit of a process now if you have to make an FMC Case.
When the tech installed the BCM and programmed it the flashing interior lamps is showing that the program has been down loaded into the BCM. The tech didn't complete the final steps to activate the program. A list of what needs to be done to activate the program is listed on the IDS after the program is down loaded. The last step is to clear codes and verify operation. If there are any codes that don't clear the program will not activate. You may be able to let the dealer know this and they can finish your car. The field service engineer will most likely give them the same information. Good luck
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Ok here s what a being relayed to me now. BCM programming can not be completed because it looks for backup sensors that do not exist. Thus the programming never finishes. This results in a number of sensors that like door and hood that do not read correctly. Asked if old BCM could be reinstalled and drove until they could figure out the problem. Was told that is not an option.

Service writer indicated that there are 2 other vehicles in the US with the same problem. Have a call into my.FMC rep and will discuss tomorrow. Will update when we know something
I think the back up sensors the BCM is looking for is actually the camera. I have spent to much time diagnosing the actual problem on car where the tech was to lazy to take the time to find the real problem. They just shotgun a BCM hoping that it will fix it. The BCM will not activate the program until all codes are cleared. When the key is turned on the BCM with connect to all the systems on the vehicle to verify the network. Until the concern with the camera is repaired the BCM will not activate the program.
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So here is the latest.

FMC shipping out another BCM as they think the first 2 were the incorrect one. New one should be in on Tuesday (why they didn't overnight it with this being the 3rd try, i dont know).
I hope this ends well. I dont think this BCM is the cause. It is the wiring from the trunk running inside. Also known as a body harness which i would be upset if it had to get installed. So much work but keep us posted.
The saga continues.

The 3rd BCM which was an older model that was shipped out of Canada and took an extra 9 days to get to the dealership, didnt solve the problem. I know, I was hopeful. Now waiting on Ford to approve and schedule an engineer to come to AZ and solve the issue. Spoke with FMC rep and trying to expedite the situation, but we all know how that goes. Hope to have more info by tomorrow (Wednesday) as to status of when they will be out. This is getting very tiresome.
Friday update finally posting.

Spoke with GM and GSM of the dealership. This dealership has been very good to me over the years. They are pushing with FMC as much as they can, but are limited by the Large Corporate policies and procedures. Though FMC is finally indicating that it is a software issue, and not a BCM issue. Waiting on a new program from FMC engineering. That could be 1 day to 1 year. ( even more good news- not)

GSM let me know that because my car is a 2nd owner car, not eligible for buy back or lemon laws. (Just great). The will however make a car payment for me and probably throw in a couple of oil changes.

Service manager was called to the meeting, to fill in GSM on some of the finer details about my car. During this part of the meeting found out a new program had just been emailed. Needs to be downloaded, unzipped and installed. Hopefully. This will be the fix that gets me my car back. Now 2 months and running. Part of the issue with new code is that any programming done by the engineers has to get a blessing from EPA before it can be releases for use.

Fingers crossed, I get my car back early this week
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