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hello all,
Thinking of coming back to the GT350 platform. Spring of 21’ traded my 16’ GT350 for a 18’ C7 Z06(7 speed stick). Wasn’t really a huge fan, maybe that will come with age. Few months later traded in for a 21’ TRX. Had TRX for almost a year, but I already have diesel truck that’s about 10 years old I use for truck stuff, so I figured it’s about time to get rid of the TRX. I miss driving a manual, so I have found a few 350R’s I’m interested in. Found 2 350R’s that are identical only difference is one has a whipple on it and the other is stock. I wanted to go forced induction on my previous 350 but just seemed like a ticking time bomb. Anyone have first hand experience with supercharged 350’s? Also, for R owners about how the cup 2’s wear in comparison to super sports on base 350. Is the added price worth getting an R?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts