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Auto Insurance for your New Car

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So the day I bought my new GT350 I called and added it to my current policy, knowing full well that if it got totaled the next day I would only get about 75% of what I paid for it (or whatever the % is..).
Digging deeper a week later I asked to add to my policy the $6,500 clear bra that I just had installed, figured if someone takes out my door and it has to be replaced I want the clear bra replaced as well.
Well this was a HUGE problem, they didn't know what it was, I had to educate them and after 2wks of back-n-forth emails got them to approve it.
BUT, during these 2 wks I learned of a "1st yr rider policy" that is available to new-car buyers. Another way of stating it is "Repair or Replacement" policy. So in the first 12months if the car is damaged beyond repair they have to replace it with a new one, not just the blue-book value. Took a month for me to get this done, but my "Repair or Replacement" policy is actually for 3yrs and I have the clear bra covered under "non-factory equipment" section. The total increase to my premium was $32/6months. Totally worth it IMO. FYI industry standard is that you have to ask for this "Repair or Replacement" policy within 30 days of purchasing your new car, and you can't be the 2nd owner of the car.
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I have the repair/replace policy also. Couldn't imagine not getting it, especially with this car. Talking with insurance people is like getting a week-long root canal.
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You might look into having "uninsured motorist collision deductible waiver" added too. This will waive your deductible if you get into a wreck with an uninsured motorist. I have been in 2 wrecks , both times rear ended by uninsured (one of them unlicensed) drivers. Saved me having to pay my deductible.. You have to ask your agent / insurance company for the extra coverage. It only cost me $5 every 6 months... Well worth it
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