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Anybody interested?

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Hey guys,

I am in Ford sales. I sold a client a GT350 with the tech pack. It is magnetic metallic with black stripes. He took delivery, the 3rd week of January this year. Today he tells me he is considering a new Viper and possibly trading the GT350. It has less than 400 miles on it. My dealership says they don't want such a high dollar pre-owned car on their lot. A dealer that buys cars out here bid him at 63-65,000 upon inspection. I am not looking to knock a head off on the GT350, would like to get my client 63,500 for it so he can have the tax savings on the Viper. Anybody on here interested or know someone who is, that can actually buy?
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So you're asking about $4,500 above MSRP for a used GT350. I am not interested but thanks for asking anyway.
Aren't these guys beautiful. Stupid grease balls that think they are business men. No wonder the general public has such distain for these vermin.
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