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We had rain (ALOT) on Saturday, so I think a fair share of the older Mustang/Shelby crowd left their cars in the garages (the roads were still wet Sunday morning), but the S550 guys came out in force. There were also a few real Cobras there, which is cool considering it was damp and in the mid 50s during the show. Celebration of CSs 100th birthday with a guest panel discussing working for (and alongside) CS.

By far the funniest thing I witnessed was the clueless couple who came to the museum in their hybrid Highlander and apparently were unaware there was a Mustang show in progress. They were instructed to go all the way to the upper deck to park. Instead, they pulled in and parked on the main deck where all the activities were taking place. I snapped that photo watching the Peterson employee trying to get their attention so he can ask them to move. Total lack of Situational Awareness.

Car of the Day was a 1969 Shelby GT500 that was all original, including the owner. I engaged him in conversation and he bought the car when he was 22 (traded in his 67 289 HiPo). Apparently the dealership offered him a 4:30 Drag Pack car and he passed because he needed a daily driver to school. Who knew back then?

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