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Advice on best ramps to get?

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Hello fellow gT350 owners, going to be getting front end ramps for maintenance, etc. and was wondering what you are using? I had an older pair (I have since given away) of the plastic variety that you pick up in the local auto parts store... There were pretty steep (IIRC) and not sure they would work given how low our front ends are.

Any advice on which brand/type are best?


Apologies didn't realize DT had a similar post below, would a Moderator be kind enough to delete this post - thx!
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I just purchased Race Ramps and the extensions. They have an approach angle of 6.6 %. The manual says ramps need an approach angle not greater than 7%.
I used them to install the Steede 2 point front brace and the worked perfectly. Only down side is that the ramps and extensions will set you back about $400.00.
However, I felt it was worth the expense since they will work for both the 350 and our Corvette.
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Look at quickjack. You can use them for your GT350 and any other vehicle.
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