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Looking to buy an R, but not prepared to pay gotta be first kid on my block with one obscene mark up. Seen this time and time again, dealers have conspired to hold gross for the moment, god bless. My question is when do folks here think they will ( if ever) be available on an order or dealer stock basis at MSRP?. I have a 15 Z/28, you can get those for 20k back of window now. Looking at production #s, there are approx 500 16 R's being built, and one would assume that many for 17, so with going on three years of production and probably over 1000 of these in the wild a year from now, when does the bubble burst?.It's comical that dealers are asking 10k over on GT350's with several thousand units built, there are over 500 on Autotrader alone,with dozens on ebay with zero bids. When do dealers realize the end of the hype, and start to blink?
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Honestly, you might not want this car enough to get one new. If you are looking at an R, you need to be willing to find one of the hand full of dealers that sell at MSRP (and they will have waiting lists that are pages long) or you have to find a dealer that doesn't have both patience and a waiting buyer. Ford has around 5000 dealers in the US. Less than 10% of those dealers will ever see an R. If they do get an allocation, they will only get a handful, even at the top dealers. The dealers with the most R's will be buying them from other dealers, so they will want more money, and they will be sold in areas where they know they will get it. For example, if there are 30 R's going to the LA area for 2017, are you willing to outbid everyone in the area other than 29 people? The dealer only needs the people with the 30 deepest pockets, so the prices go up until they reach a number that at least thrirty people will complain about, then pay. They'll sell their cars for as much as they can get, because they see this as a once every few year's bump. You might hate them for it, but can you blame them?

Only time will tell, but maybe that's why I bought a 2016 GT350, then started my search for an R. My 2017 GT350R is now on order.

Good luck and good hunting...
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Thanks, good point. Right now about 10k over sticker is my cap, but have to think with several hundred 16's arriving and 17's on deck I might get one for less in a few months. I can see these holding gross with a hundred built per year, but at 500 per they simply won't command this 20-40k over kind of rarity valuation. Same thing happened with my Z28, they got over msrp for the first few,but many people didn't want to pay 80k for a camaro and they sat,hoping that will happen with the R.
"many people didn't want to pay 80k for a camaro and they sat"

That's all you need to know. A Camaro will never be an R. I was fortunate enough to get an R at 10 over when 900 A (non R) were bringing that and more (see option 5 below). G2166 is right - here is how I see it - Rs will only find a home 5 ways: you have a long term relationship with a dealer, you are a dealer, you are a member of the dealers family, you pay a boat load of $ to a dealer, you make enough calls to find one no one knows about, or all of the above. Thank God for unlimited LD calling, or my wife would be blowing a gasket over the phone bill.

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