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A new build

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So this is what we did at the The Shop on Friday. Going to make big power with this one.


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Well we won't no for sure until our motor is done and back in the car if the whining noise is gone. But we did find a failure in the pilot bearing when the factory mated the trans to the motor. We documented it for Ford to review.

Stock clutch is crap and shows heavy wear already. The tune limits the amount of torque that can be applied by limiting rpm. This keeps the stock clutch healthy under most conditions. Looks like Ford wanted a light clutch set up for a quick rev. at the sacrifice of applying torque. We found several other under built items to save weight and rotating mass. Ford really took a different approach to this motor.

Now on to build the motor and solve some weak issues. BTW, when the car is completed and tested it will go up for sale. In case anyone is interested in having the ultimate GT350. We will gladly discuss details with potential buyers only. Car will make appearances in early spring.

I'm following your thread and very curious to see what you come up with.
Does any of the items that your doing, automatically void the warranty?
do you really thinks he gives a rats obama about a warranty?

No, I don't think he really cares about the warranty...but who knows, maybe the next weekend warrior guy who does care, might think twice before tinkering with his new car. Oh, and yes I'm curious...
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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