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A new build

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So this is what we did at the The Shop on Friday. Going to make big power with this one.


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I'm definitely anxious to see what you come up with!
Please do! We are anxiously awaiting anything you can post. We will help you spread the word as well :)
Now you're talking my language! Post up some pics of the stock internals once you pull them. I'm sure we would all be interested to see what's being used in these bad boys.
Well, some interesting parts. Good and bad. Might have found our whining noise from the trans. Looks like an issue with the way Ford installed the pilot bearing. More details to come.
Now that's interesting. Hopefully you can come up with a fix for that whining noise.
The GT350 is turning out to have all kinds of secrets already.
Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see this all come together.
1 - 8 of 51 Posts
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