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A new build

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So this is what we did at the The Shop on Friday. Going to make big power with this one.


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Tearing down the motor tomorrow to examine what Ford really used as far as parts go. Then we will be stuffing forged I-beam rods and forged pistons. Building short block for 1200+ Hp.
We will also be examining the fuel system and upgrading with Fore products. Followed with a big power adder. Now just need more time in the day!
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Well, some interesting parts. Good and bad. Might have found our whining noise from the trans. Looks like an issue with the way Ford installed the pilot bearing. More details to come.
Well we won't no for sure until our motor is done and back in the car if the whining noise is gone. But we did find a failure in the pilot bearing when the factory mated the trans to the motor. We documented it for Ford to review.

Stock clutch is crap and shows heavy wear already. The tune limits the amount of torque that can be applied by limiting rpm. This keeps the stock clutch healthy under most conditions. Looks like Ford wanted a light clutch set up for a quick rev. at the sacrifice of applying torque. We found several other under built items to save weight and rotating mass. Ford really took a different approach to this motor.

Now on to build the motor and solve some weak issues. BTW, when the car is completed and tested it will go up for sale. In case anyone is interested in having the ultimate GT350. We will gladly discuss details with potential buyers only. Car will make appearances in early spring.
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If you read Ford's warranty they can void it the 1st time your car hits the track. Any proof it has been raced, like photos or whatever is grounds to void warranty.
Of coarse, as soon as you pull the motor, warranty is surely voided!
Now as far as using some of our knowledge and parts we hope to bring to market, maybe not. Right now we are working with an awesome clutch company to hopefully offer an upgraded clutch.
An upgraded clutch will not void warranty. If you purchase a tune from us, typically if you remove it before service it does not cause problems. Cold air kits, exhaust work typically does not.

I will be emailing Ford today about our trans noise findings. Interested in their response. Meeting with our clutch manufacture today also. Motor has been torn down and we are making decisions on what internals we are going to use. Will most likely be 4 weeks or so before the motor is back together. We have other work in the shop to complete also! I will try to post a few times a week, if anyone has questions just pm me direct.
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I do intend to post a response from Ford. I submitted it to them earlier last week. It went to my contact in motorsports engineering and was passed on to the powertrain division.
I am also working with one hell of a clutch manufacture to develop a solution for the clutches. Will have details soon on it.
Is the stock rod powdered metal?
Yes, they are powdered metal
Hey Rodney,
Any updates yet?
We had a long wait on pistons. Finally received them on Thursday. We hope to have the shortblock back from the machinist this week or next. We are still waiting on our custom clutch. Hopefully 2 weeks on it also. Think we have our fuel system worked out. Slow progress of waiting. If I had to guess, we should be back together within a month with all upgraded parts. Once back together we will work on power adders. Most likely turbo system. We aasking wanting to one off everything so we can reproduce it. This takes much longer.
Thanks for asking.
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It is a tech pack but does have a oil cooler from factory.
The clutch details will come out as soon as I have them.
Nothing on tranny cooling, we are gunning for 1/2 mile and mile racing. So no distance track.
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Yes the connecting rods are available so are the pistons. The motor will be back from machine shop next week and I will know the bearings, rings as well.

I need the motor back to make a couple of measurements to finalize the clutch. I hope to have the clutch wrapped up and ready in the next 3 weeks.
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Hey Rodney,
Not wanting to sound pushy but it's been over three weeks now...Any updates?
As always, thanks for sharing!
No worries, man time flies! So yes the short block is back from the machine shop and everything there worked out fine. I have been busy with customer cars that the shop car has taken a back burner.
I will be caught up tomorrow and hope to at least get the motor on the stand and build the long block. Still waiting on the clutch.
So started engine assemble yesterday. The 12mm coyote head studs from arp do not work in our motors. The thread is correct but the length is wrong!
Found out arp custom has some and shipping asap. Just another road block!
well, sort of

We have been held back by the new prototype clutch. It shipped yesterday. So I should have it in the next few days.
I will post a few photos when it comes in. Then I just need time to put it all back together! Been working on my other project to much!
Will keep you posted if we ever make progress!
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Hey Rodney, new gt350 owner here, also new to the forum. Anything new on this build? I'm interested in learning more about this motor. Looking to build also
Actually just dusting of the car and digging parts out again. We have had a busy summer at the shop.
Still having issues getting the clutch into production but it has been promised for next week.
Starting installing the Fore Fuel system and routing a few things. The short block is done and waiting on the correct arp head studs... ordered the dang wrong ones.
Hopefully the motor will go back together next week and if the clutch shows we MIGHT get it back together. MIGHT is a big word. If we have many cars come in.. customers are always first.
I still have not heard of anyone is building the short block the way we have. Not sure if anyone else has solved the clutch issues either. Really had my head under the hood recently.
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So the clutch showed up today! It is a work of art! Will post some pictures up. Still waiting on flywheel and head studs. Hopefully next week we can start putting this back together and testing a real clutch.
Leading Edge Tuning in Houston Tx. will have the triple disc clutch and revised flywheel available after testing.
Papa Jay. What is the issue with the tuning? They are not hard to tune at all.
Leading Edge Tuning unfortunately closed the shop portion of the business. The GT350 was relocated to another shop for reassemble. It unfortunately sat for months unfinished. It is my understanding it is nearly back together.
I do know the revised clutch design went in the car but do not know any results yet. After I hear how it works, and if the new shop plans on releasing them I will let you all know. The clutch is a work of art! I spent a lot of time back in the
day with the designer I sure hope it is released. <if not, maybe I will get into the clutch business!>
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