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A/C issue

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500 miles on my triple yellow gt350, a/c compressor locked up. Any one have similar issue.
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Not a compressor, but at roughly 10,000 miles I had to have the evaporator coil replaced. You know, the thing that pretty much never has an issue. The dealership had two or three 2015-2016 Mustangs in the shop for the exact same issue. Turns out it's fairly common (guess their supplier made a bad batch), so I'm glad the repair that took 2 days and required the whole dash to be taken out of the car happened while under warranty.

I know it's not the same issue, but I thought maybe this was a decent opportunity to let folks know what they may have to look forward to. Sorry for the (potentially) bad news.
Evaporator coils are a known weak link in this car

had it 3 days , condenser was bad supposedly cause all issues, Bigger problem was the tech, chipped paint on fresh strut tower custom paint, torn breather hose foam, bottomed out front spliter, scratched side skirt , scratched strut tower cover, chipped paint on the underside of hood. Supposed to take it to Mustang week Tues.
that is total bs ....... tech should never do that but with that said, knowing its a GT350, take extra care which he obviously didnt

What is the store going to do about it ??

They say that they have ordered the parts ( waiting on the email of the order list) and they are reaching out to my buddy who painted the strut brace. He is doing the work, not the dealership. was not happy and they are very aware of it.
3yellow, sorry to hear about your worst nightmare having to take my car into a dealership...especially for a complicated repair. Hope all turns out OK for you!
My buddy with the body shop got the car on friday hope to have it back this week.
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