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3 GT350’s

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I currently have 3 GT350’s available. 2 new 1 preowned

New 2017 magnetic w/black stripe $60,895
New 2018 orange fury w/black roof $62,610+ $2500
Preowned 2017 black w/white stripe 5800 miles $51,981

Please message me for details
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I’m relatively new on this forum and not familiar with the rules of selling, but since I’ve seen cars posted for sale here, and if permissible, I have one to offer: A preowned 2017 Black, no stripe, convenience package, 900 Miles, $55,000.
Mustang Mania, I apologize for putting my car on your post. I posted it when seeing your post on Home Page, not realizing there was a separate Purchasing forum. I guess I need to pay more attention. Again, sorry bout that.
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