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2017 Shelby Gt350 cruise control/wrench light

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Greetings to one and all,

My '17 Shelby GT350 has 20K miles, and after a ten minute drive I initiated the cruise-control 'on' button, and then system went into limp mode.The amber 'wrench' lamp appeared immediately...without the cruise control actually engaging. After a twenty minute drive home the car was parked and not started until twelve hours later; no 'wrench' lamp, engine started and ran correctly, but cruise control was/is inoperative.

The car is at the dealer, and they've replaced two (they tell me) cruise control switches as well as the throttle body. And, they still can't figure out the problem..or so they say. They are not the selling dealer, and I am aware of the non-origination dealer policies on cars bought elsewhere. I've done some minor checking, but cannot find anyone else with this problem, minor as it may be; I know Ford has/had 'issues' with the throttle body assemblies, but I'm fairly amazed they (Ford) seem to be stumped. Thanks for reading, and best to all..

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I have the same issue but no solution yet...following
I have a similar issue and have done some research on it to find this TSB.
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