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2017 Lightning Blue w/Strips. "Sally".

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I grew up drag racing and building engines with my dad. He is a mechanical engineer who designed pistons. This is my first Mustang. To be honest, I didn't like the Mustang while growing up. We were strictly GM owners in our own vehicles.
I fell in love with the GT 350 when the 2016 model came out, but I didn't like the options that year. (Track / Tech) Ford rolled out the combo in 2017 and I couldn't pass it up. I didn't want to wait for the Camaro to catch up and couldn't handle the blind spots.

I've never regretted anything that I didn't do.

I'm installing a 2.9 Whipple supercharger January 2017.
Check my profile for future updates.

I'm open to any suggestions along the way. Constructive criticism goes a long way.
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certainly have to appreciate someone that is willing to tear into a brand new car! Not sure what you will do with all that extra horsepower but good luck and keep the pictures/progress flowing
how do you like supercharger on this car? any issue or potential issues?
After several changes and adjustments it is finished.

We had a hard time tuning it. I can not express that enough.

I went with no internal mods and added thermostat, Whipple catch can, and a coolant tank.

It's very drivable as long as Traction Control is on. When I turn it off and change it to sport... I can melt the tires through 4th gear.

It's crazy loud (when I want it to be)! I'm going to make a few videos for my next post.


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