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I had a '16 GT350 early this year but due to emergency ruptured hernia surgery and the way I was put back together, the surgeon suggested strongly that I drive a car I could easily get out of. So I sold it and bought a Taurus (please don't laugh) but after about 3 months of healing I tried getting in and out of my son's '17 GT with no problem. 9 months have now passed and I have the opportunity to buy a locally owned '18 with 2000 miles for $52K. My main question (among many others) is did Ford make any changes or improvements to the '18 over the '16 to include the oil consumption issue that seemed to be a prevalent issue across the board. Any input and thoughts, opinions would be greatly appreciated. I took my driver's test at age 16 the year the 64 1/2 Mustang came out, and have been a Mustang man ever since. You can do the math to determine my age. Going down fighting!


Pleasant Grove, AL
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