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2016 Shelby Gt350s for sale!

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I currently have 2 Shelbys for sale I work for an AutoNation store in Houston and got the heads up about some of you guys looking for some. We have currently sold 5 at my dealership. I have a black one currently selling for MSRP $57,495 it is solid black with technology package , and navigation. It is considered a used car with 40 miles on the odometer. Original buyer said the car was too powerful for him and sold it back to us. If you're interested in pictures or more information please contact me via email at: [email protected]
Please let me know as soon as possible every sales man has a customer that wants to pay sticker for a rare car like this so it won't last long.
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Outstanding deal! Your chance to own at sticker! beats 10 to 20k over!
Wow, that's a great price. I bet that won't last long! Any chance you could post a few pics?
Thanks for offering at a reasonable price.
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