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Hi All

I have a 2104 Gt 500 821A optioned. I track my car at the Fontana Roval and have noticed the Gt 350 starting to show up.

As of June 12,2016 there have been 3 Gt 350s' come out to run.

Of the 3, one is a R version, the other two are non R's with the magnaride suspension. And one of the non R's has almost 600hp at the crank.

At his point, the two non R's on the Roval are around 5 seconds slower than my Gt 500.

The R version did very well for a guy who just picked up his R 2 days earlier and was learning the car. Although he did not put down better times than me, I feel it is only a matter of one more event that he will. Then I'll have to get rid of my Good Year F1's and get some real tires.

My time is pretty fast for basically stock ( Cortex watts link, better brake pads) at 1:54.3. I like the 350, but it better do far better than my "straight line" elephant of a car for me to consider it.

On a tight track i figure the 350 would be better.

I'll post the vid of the me and R run. a bit later

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