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2 Qs: Black Painted Roofs and "Track Package"

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Question #1: Is there any significance behind the roofs of some of our GT350s having solid black pain as an option? At ~$650 no less. I would have rather had the extra money but the black roof and mirrors looks great on my color (magnetic).

Question #2: Forgive my ignorance but I have been watching loads of YouTube videos on our machines and so many mention "track package." Was this an option on the 2015-16 models only and came standard on `17+ models? What's the difference? Just the addition of coolers for the transmission, oil, diff, etc?

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Track pack included magnetic ride too. But yes all 17 and 18 now come with track pack. For 18 the option is electronic package or convience package, which has the leather heated and cooled seats. Which felt pretty good here in the mid Atlanta heat and humidity
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