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Hey fellas

I need some advice from members on here. I own a late 2016 Shelby gt350 track pack. It still has the powertrain warranty. I love this car and it has been running perfect. I recently had an issue about 2.5 weeks ago one morning, after warming up the car, I drove on the highway on my way to work, and all of a sudden the oil pressure dropped to zero and the warning light appeared. I quickly pulled over and checked my car and it was leaking oil. I then had it towed to my local dealership who does all my maintenance and had them check the car out. They told me the car leaked oil from a broken O ring that you change when changing oil. The last oil change was done at that dealership and it was not due for another. They said nothing is wrong with the car and that they will change the O ring and top the oil up and test it to see if anything is wrong. I was skeptical, I wanted to know why would that break all of a sudden but I believed them and they assured me that it was nothing to worry about.

2 weeks later, car is running well, Ive been keeping a close eye on the oil level and any leaking oil in my garage. I take the car for a weekend road trip for a 5 hour drive to dallas to visit family without any problems, oil level and oil pressure level was all normal. I go out for dinner the next day no issues. On my way back from dinner, about 10 minutes on the drive, exact thing happens again. Oil was sprayed along the drivers side and underneath, making it a real bad fire hazard. I have the car towed to the ford dealership that my family uses.

Today I receive a call from that dealership saying the O ring broke again. They said, all the oil leaked out. Same thing again, they want to fill the oil, replace the O ring and test the car out for 15 miles, and if no problems, then they will give me back my car. They also want to change the battery since it went out because the hazard lights were on.

Total cost for this will be $700.

I really want to know what you guys think about this.

I don’t think neither dealership is trying to find out why my car is having increased oil pressure and breaking these oil rings. Its not like I am racing my car or redlining it.

The other problem I have with this is that I need to pay $700 now because my local dealership could not rectify the initial problem with the car.

I’m not sure if you any of you guys had a similar problem. I really want to keep my car forever and I'm worried that something else needs to be fixed as 2 O rings broke in a span of 2 weeks.


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