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18 things to know about the Gt350

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The majority of us know most of the things they listed. What I didn’t know was how long it took to design the car and the engine weight vs the Ferrari engine. That I couldn’t believe!!!
Nice read thanks zeus79!
Did anyone notice?

14. The 5.2L engine was designed for 93-octane fuel, but will run on 87 octane with only a 15hp decrease in peak power.

Is anyone actually using 87 octane?
Is anyone actually using 87 octane?
I wouldn't. A cleaner-burning fuel is better for the life of your engine, and with as much as we paid why cheap out on gas..
BUT it is good to know that in a pinch if you had to put 87 in your tank you can do so without your car throwing up.
good read.
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I couldn't read it due to the pop ups that take me away from the page. Hard to take them credibly. Anyone mind posting the 15 things here?
I thought these engines were Direct Injection?

"Fuel delivery: Port fuel injection with twin high-flow pumps."
93 for me in Florida -tasty!
I know most people have probably seen this, but as an addendum, here's some more cool stuff:

I researched the hell outta this car before I traded in my 16 GT Performance Package for it. I'm an engineer myself, so everything I researched about this thing amazed me. It really is a one of kind, amazing piece of engineering. Can a 2019 GT out drag this car? Probably. But that is not what this car is about. It's a track car. I can pull a 2:42 around Sebring, without even trying, and without using any other gears than 3 and 4, and I STILL have room to grow. That's what I love about this car.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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