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    Recently on YouTube I found this video outlining a spare tire kit for the GT350. Talks about cost and shows fitment. Just thought it might be helpful for some people.
  2. Mustang GT350 Wheels & Tires
    I recently found this video on YouTube which shows where this guy got a spare tire that is full diameter and includes cost and fitment. Thought I would share for anyone interested:
  3. Mustang GT350 Performance
    Hey all, I certainly love the road course in my GT350, been many times, but in my teen years, I frequented the Saturday night drags at then Beeline Dragway outside of Phoenix. Call it my second childhood, but taking the GT350 to the local drag strip brought back a lot of memories, and I'd like...
  4. Mustang GT350 Wheels & Tires
    Hi everyone, It just dawned on me that when I joined (and I have forgotten exactly when that was) the site was acting goofy, and for some reason I was never able to post an intro. So, I'm Bobby, 48, widower, former cop, retired Air Force, currently a Christian apologist teaching Sunday School at...
  5. Mustang GT350 Wheels & Tires
    Been wanting to look into doing some weld racing wheels for my gt350. im not going to be circuit racing mine, so I wanted to a drag setup, I know it doesn't need it to hook up. I just like the looks. Wanted to know if anyone has done it to theirs yet. I would imagine with the 350's bigger rotors...
1-5 of 5 Results