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  1. Cars For Sale
    I just listed my car for sale on eBay and figured I'd post a link here as well: SOLD Full details are on the eBay listing, but please feel free to reach out with any questions. The car is in excellent condition with only ~9200 miles (only ~3000 miles on the carbon fiber wheels) and has a Ford...
    $82,900 USD
  2. Introductions
    Good morning folks, New to the mustang world but not to the car enthusiast hobby. Wanted to hop on and introduce myself and share a story regarding a 2017 Avalanche Grey GT350R that I recently purchased. As a young enthusiast (30's), the concept of and is ever so...
  3. Mustang GT350 General Discussions
    Hey guys, Does anyone know what the part number is for the OEM 2016 350R front splitter is? I can’t find a definitive answer because the part number apparently changed in 2018. I also contacted my local Ford dealership and they told me that the front splitter isn’t sold individually and that it...
  4. Mustang GT350 General Discussions
    Hi all, I plan on having my 19 R fully wrapped with paint protection film soon. I am having trouble on deciding if I should cover the matte stripes with matte film or just leave them uncovered. What have you done with your matte stripes? Does anyone have any examples? Thanks in advance!
  5. Introductions
    It's nice to meet everyone. I'm out here in Houston (Htine) and just upgraded my 2017 GT350 for a 2020 GT350R. I'd been looking at sitting on the showroom floor for 2 months. I was supposed to wash my car on Friday, but something just came over me and I decided to visit the showroom again. The...
  6. Mustang GT350 Wheels & Tires
    Does anyone have a part number for just the valve stem? The Ford service manual says these can be replace instead of replacing the whole TPMS sensor. Thanks!!
  7. Mustang GT350 Purchasing
    Hi everyone! I am seriously looking to get myself a GT350R (love the flat crankshaft). Important information: I want to buy this car to mainly race track and not really for every day (I have my Raptor for that :p). My dealer is pushing me to get their 2019 GT350R ($77K before taxes) but I...
  8. Mustang GT350 Purchasing
    My dealership here in Middle Tennessee has an UNCLAIMED 2019 GT350R about to hit the lot any day now! (as of 5/3/19) Black exterior with Matte black racing stripes with the red accent. Interior is Ebony w/ Red Accents 920A Package Electronics Package Carbon Fiber package and Vehicle cover. If...
1-8 of 8 Results