I decided to go ahead and do the paint correction, PPF, and ceramic (wheels included).The car has been in the shop for about 2 weeks now. I should get it back soon.

I've been using my girlfriends Chrysler 200 :-(. It makes you appreciate Ford a lot more. I miss my car a lot.

I do agree with the statement above and wouldn't buy a Mustang: especially anything that comes close to 50K (i.e. Bullit, and decked out PP2s). It's not only because of the looks, but the feel of the car is just not there. The Mustang, to me, is only about 50% of the car the GT350 is. The extra money spent on the Shelby transforms it into a epic car and sets it apart from its counterparts.

Even when on a light next to an M3, M4, AMG (whatever), ZL1, Corvette. I just like my car more. I'm not jealous at all and have zero regrets. The last thing on my mind is the rattly interior with the maligned panels. I know what they feel: "I am the one who knocks". :-)

I'm sure that the radio and interface could be better, but really it supports android auto, so I'm using that 99% of the time. Sync3 is out dated. The processor is slow, but that can pretty much all be avoided by using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The interior is a 5/10 at best.

But I still bought an R knowing that. I would do it again.

Here are some new photos:
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