Hi All,

Iím selling my beloved 2017 GT350 in order to go out sailing for the next few years. Iím the original owner and have documented dealer service and (early and often) oil changes. The car includes custom GT350 floor mats, plus the unused originals, original Recaro seats, plus a second set of factory GT350 heated and cooled seats. Unusual to have both! Extra set of rear seats as well.

Rare avalanche Grey with over the top racing stripes. Very few of these produced, so you wonít be running into others when youíre out carving turns!

Itís my daily driver and has 45k miles. I get 21+ MPG cruising at 70+ on the freeway!

The car is in nearly new condition and hasnít had any problems.

Iíd really love to pass it on to a fellow enthusiast. Let me know if youíre interested.