Howdy fellow GT350 owners!

Been a life long Mustang fan, but hadn't owned one until recently. 2006, I bought a manual GT, by 2010 I had a couple back surgeries and couldn't drive the manual ... so I bought a 2008 Tjaarda Mustang -automatic. Beautiful car ... but in 2015, early 2016 my buddy had access to the first GT350's available in So Cal and I drove one. My back is better & I wanted one bad .... not for the crazy mark up though.

Yesterday I bought mine ... 2018 Triple yellow, black roof, stripe delete, convenience package!! What a beauty. Pick up on my birthday June 25th, to give me time to sell my Tjaarda or properly store it. Pictures to come!!

Anyone from North County San Diego? I'll be looking for some cruisn buddies!

Peace out, Eric The MadMan (aka ... the Happy Man)