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I saw her video. If I'm not mistaken not only were the runs done on different days but on different dynos as well. As far as the ethanol percentage being measured more accurately, if there is a difference it is insignificant. The Lund tune measures ETOH the same way the millions of Ford flex fuel vehicles do. I've had the Lund flex tune for more than two years. I always buy e85 from the same pump and the learned percentage never varies by more than 0.1%. I think the Proflex Commander is a cool piece of equipment with the advantage of being easily removed. Performance wise a Lund tune would almost have to be better. Again, not all the performance comes just from the fuel. After all, a tune alone on normal 93 will gain 20+ hp, not to mention more than that in low to midrange torque.
Yea man all stuff I know. Reread my last post before where I said I was mistaken. Different days doesn't really matter when your in arizona now does it? Lol. Also I'm pretty sure it was the same dyno, maybe I'm wrong on that. My intentions of even bringing up the proflex commander was just to let people know there is another way to use E54 and higher in our cars without a tune and in return will yield you more power as well. For people like myself who would rather have there warranty then 20 extra horsepower from a lund tune its a great option.
One thing she definitely did state though is how it is definitely more accurate via the app for the percentage of ethanol then the nguage. Forgot what her explanation was and don't really Care at the moment but that is something she went over in the video if you wanted to re watch.
Maybe your station doesn't vary much, however just cause it says E85 doesn't mean that's what your getting.
I could Care less about 15-30 extra horsepower, its insignificant to me on this application and definitely not worth your cars warranty. I bought this car not for the gobs of power but rather cause its a complete package drivers car. If I wanted more power I would of never traded my hellcat for this car. I only I'm interested in the proflex because I currently live in the east and I'm moving out west in a few months and i've learned strange enough that 93 octane is basically unobtainable out there. Its an outrage really!