Hello all, please view a few of my track videos at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) running with the Potomac district Audi Club. All videos prior to the Audi videos are with stock GT350 (2017). Videos with Audi Club (Nov. 9-10th) in the title are with SVE R350 wheels, Michelin Cup 2s (305/30 front, 315/30 rear), and the beloved Ford Performance Springs. If you have ever wondered whether or not to get these springs, the answer is YES! But only if you are going to track your car. There is notable stiffness and handling gains and of course the benefit of lower center of gravity. There is a significant reduction in nose dive during hard braking which can translate to better contact patch of the tires. Considering that, you should likely upgrade your tires over the stock PSS, you will appreciate the added grip and subsequent safety!

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