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Wow, just sad! Part of me would want it to get totaled. So the at fault party pays out for a new one. Not that they will cover the actual replacement value, but somehow I can't see getting a check for diminished value. Just my opinion. Seriously, good luck. I paid a private company to give me an estimate of the diminished value of my Roush 427R when I was hit on the front passenger side. I submitted the paper work and the insurance company refused because the VIN said it was just a Mustang. The estimated damage was only 5-6 grand, in the end it ended up over 10 grand because they had to use Roush parts. I know our VIN shows Shelby GT350, so that should hopefully help your cause.
WOW! Talk about a direct impact! Those Tundras are beasts!

Hard to tell precisely from two pics, but it looks like you have induced damage all the way to the doors.

That Tundra owner's insurance company is going to be writing a hell of a check!

Let us know how it goes!

So sorry!